Factory View

Workshop on field

Workshop on field2
Workshop on field
Workshop on field1


1CNC Machining

CNC Machining

2Processing of Stator

Processing of Stator

3Inpection of Stator

Inpection of Stator

4Gum Dipping

Gum Dipping

5Rotor Machining

Rotor Machining

6Dynamic Balance Detection for Rotor

Dynamic Balance Detection for Rotor



8Online Test

Online Test

9Performance Test

Performance Test

Equipment production

1CNC Machining Center2

CNC Machining Center

2Gear Shaping Machine1

Gear Shaping Machine

3CNC Lathe6

CNC Lathe

4Grinding Machine3

Grinding Machine

5Gum Dipping Machine1

Gum Dipping Machine

6Linear Cutting Machine

Linear Cutting Machine

Equipment test and warehouse

1Stator Comprehensive Tester3

Stator Comprehensive Tester

rotator test

Rotator Test