• DC MOTOR Series

    DC MOTOR Series more>>

    The electric vehicle DC brushless motor and traction motor for sweeper cart,forklift, city vehicle, cooking machine, meal cart, etc.
  • PMSM Series

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    Electric vehicle permanent magnet synchronous motor for pump and vehicle, etc.
  • AC MOTOR Series

    AC MOTOR Series more>>

    Electric vehicle AC asynchronous motor and electric tricycle AC asynchronous motor
  • SR MOTOR Series

    SR MOTOR Series more>>

    Ultra low temperature submersible motor, ultra-efficient reluctance synchronous motor, low speed direct drive high torque motor, high speed motor, switched reluctance motor drive system

about us

Xinda Motor ( is a professional manufacturer of EV electric motors and industrial motors, including micro electric motors, rear axles, AC/DC Reduction Motor, High Speed Motor, Steel Tube Motor, Synchronous Motor, DC Brushless Motor, etc., widely used on electric golf carts, sightseeing vehicles, electric 4 wheeler, beach vehicles, mini-trains, cleaning equipment, home cooking appliances, forklifts, air conditioning, fans, pumps and other industrial machinery and electric vehicles.


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