In 2024, three things to look forward to in the motor industry

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Motor products are the core elements of the modern industrial revolution, and industrial chains and industry groups with motor products or the motor industry as the divergence point have quietly emerged; chain extension, chain expansion and chain complementation have gradually become the basis for many motor companies to expand production and scale. The main theme of development. Some information discovered by chance gives people a special sense of expectation.
Taiyuan, Shanxi: Build the largest motor manufacturing base in the country

Sina news: The Motor Town in Xiaodian District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province is based on Xiwenzhuang Township. It relies on Shanxi Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to develop a series of high-efficiency and energy-saving motor products, focusing on tiered cultivation, relying on the industrial chain to attract investment, attracting upstream and downstream enterprises, and promoting motors. Enterprise clusters gather and develop to create the largest motor manufacturing base in the country.

The current main products of Motor Town include high- and low-voltage high-efficiency three-phase asynchronous motors, explosion-proof and explosion-proof high-efficiency and energy-saving three-phase asynchronous motors, and various types of high- and low-voltage variable frequency and speed-regulated three-phase asynchronous motors. It is reported that high-efficiency and energy-saving motors are key products for industrial energy conservation in my country, covering various fields such as industry, agriculture, national defense, and public facilities. They are widely used in machine tools, fans, pumps, compressors, crushers, textile machines, rolling mills, and urban transportation. and other various devices, which are of great significance to the achievement of the “double carbon” goal. Currently, the motor town planning is divided into three major parts. Among them, the first phase of the smart factory construction project of Shanxi Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 230 million yuan, and will increase the output value by 300 million yuan after it is completed and put into operation; Shanxi Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.’s high-efficiency motor and system The energy-saving industry R&D and manufacturing base project has a total investment of 1.42 billion yuan. After it is completed and put into operation, the output value will be increased by 1.5 billion yuan; the first phase of the Junhe Yungu·Taiyuan Intelligent Motor Port project has a total investment of over 700 million yuan. After it is completed and reaches capacity, the output value will be reached 2 billion yuan.

Xiaodian District Motor Town will continue to strengthen innovative thinking, increase services, improve guarantee mechanisms, accelerate the implementation of existing projects and attract industrial chain projects, and strive to achieve an annual output value of 5.3 billion yuan in motor factories and surrounding manufacturing industries in 2025. The total scale of motors will rank among the top five in the country; by 2030, the output value will reach 10 billion yuan, and the total scale of motor output will rank among the top three in the country, creating a motor industrial park that is in line with the new direction of the development of the small store industry and has the effect of promoting industrial agglomeration.

Nanyang Electric Drive Industrial Park: Building a global leader in the motor industry

Nanyang First Vision News on December 6, 2023 : The Nanyang Electric Drive Industrial Park project has a total investment of 5 billion yuan, a total construction area of ​​800,000 square meters, and will be constructed in three phases. The project relies on Wolong Group’s national leading electric drive enterprise and supply chain advantages, as well as Nanyang’s industrial foundation and labor cost advantages, to introduce Wolong Group’s relevant advantageous products and resources to be laid out and concentrated in Nanyang, and to simultaneously introduce Wolong Group’s supply chain enterprises to settle in, and introduce high-end scientific research technology With talents, we aim at the development trend of global intelligent electric drives, allocate high-quality resources and improve the industrial ecology, form a 100-billion-level industrial cluster in Nanyang, and strive to build the world’s first high-end project motor and drive control industrial base.

The total investment in the first phase of the project exceeds 1 billion yuan, covering an area of ​​306 acres. Nanyang Industrial Investment Group invests in the construction of drive and control system integrated modules, military nuclear power, specialized new modules, high-end intelligent structural parts manufacturing centers, intelligent warehousing centers, etc. . After it is completed and put into production, it will attract many electric drive (explosion-proof) related companies to settle in. After it is put into production, the annual profit and tax will exceed 500 million yuan, creating employment for more than 2,000 people.


Nanyang, Henan: Building a world-leading R&D and manufacturing base


Nanyang released news on December 22, 2023: Wolong Electric’s Nanyang explosion-proof large and medium-sized special motor industrialization project is a provincial and municipal key project, with a fixed asset investment of 750 million yuan, covering an area of ​​approximately 182 acres, and a total construction area of ​​68,900 square meters. Among them, the main joint factory building is 312 meters long, 180 meters wide, and has a maximum lifting tonnage of 200 tons. It has been completed and is currently the largest single factory building in the domestic wind power manufacturing field. After the project reaches full production, it is expected to achieve sales revenue of 3 billion yuan and create more than 5,000 jobs. At present, the new equipment for the project in 2023 has been purchased and some have been shipped. The installation of supporting facilities is being completed as planned, and equipment installation and debugging has also been started. It is expected that the conditions for production will be ready in January 2024, and full production will be achieved in the first quarter.

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