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Due to the different sizes of different products, the price is not the actual price (the price is higher). For the actual product details and prices, please contact Manager Lukim Liu at +86 186 0638 2728. Due to the strong professionalism of the product, it is not recommended to take photos directly without consultation.


Product Specifications:

Product name: Electric spindle stator and rotor

Dimensions: The outer diameter of the stator of the model shown in the figure is 90mm and the inner diameter is 58mm. (no tolerance noted)

Height: The height of the stator shown in the figure is 110mm. The height of the rotor core is 2mm higher than that of the matching stator, which can be customized according to customer needs.

Silicon steel material: the general material is B35A300 (or the same grade material of other manufacturers)

Other materials can be customized: B35A250B35A270B20AT1500 (silicon steel thickness is 0.2mm)

Or the same grade material of other manufacturers

Rotor cast aluminum: A00 pure aluminum (alloy aluminum is optional. Alloy aluminum is generally suitable for rotors with a speed of 40,000 rpm or more and a larger outer diameter. The higher the motor speed, the corresponding maximum outer diameter decreases to prevent the rotor from throwing aluminum. Damage the motor. The calorific value is higher than that of pure aluminum. Please consult our company for details)

Other accessories: Each set comes with two 0.5mm thick stator insulating sheets.

In addition, dozens of different types of products in the outer diameter range of 90mm-100mm are customized. For details, please consult customer service.

Description of silicon steel grades:

Due to the different annotation methods of silicon steel grades of different manufacturers, only Baosteel materials are used for description.

Although different manufacturers have different annotation methods for the same material of silicon steel, the general difference is that the letters and ordering are different, and the nominal thickness and guaranteed iron loss value can be read from the grade. There is no obvious performance difference between the materials when the main grades have the same value.


1. Ordering time: The customized processing cycle of the stator and rotor is 15 days. If there are products in stock, they can be shipped on the same day.

2. The stator and rotor are in the rough state (not machined) , and are used after machining according to the customer’s own requirements.

3. The height dimension refers to the stacking height of silicon steel , the stator is the total height, the rotor height does not include the cast aluminum end ring, and the height dimension of the aluminum end ring can be customized according to customer requirements. Unless otherwise specified, all are cast with our original mold size.

4. In order to ensure that the aluminum end ring can be machined to the ideal size and ensure the quality of cast aluminum and the life of the mold, there is a machining allowance for the inner and outer diameter of the rotor. The outer diameter of the rotor is generally larger than the inner diameter of the stator, and the inner and outer diameters need to be machined to reach the size of use .
About after-sales:

The company’s products are divided into custom models and general models, because many models are not displayed on the platform.

Customized models: Customized molds, customized silicon steel materials, customized lengths; our company has molds, customized silicon steel materials, customized lengths; customized rotor cast aluminum and other products produced according to customers’ independent requirements.

General models: our company has our own molds (except for custom molds that customers pay for drawings), general lengths, general cast aluminum grades and other existing products of our company.

Customized products do not accept returns without quality problems!

Stator: Because most of the stators are argon arc welding, in rare cases, the welded stator may be broken due to logistics reasons during the logistics process, and the outer packaging is damaged and other conditions are promptly reported to us for return and replacement. If the welding seam breaks due to human operation and other reasons during the processing, if there is no other damage (no bump or deformation, etc.), you can send it back to our company for repair welding, and you can bear the freight.

Rotor: Due to the problem of the aluminum casting process of the rotor, in rare cases, there are cast aluminum defects such as blisters, which can be reissued free of charge.

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