April international auto market value list: Tesla alone crushed the remaining 18 auto companies

Recently, some media announced the market value list of international auto companies in April (top 19), of which Tesla undoubtedly ranks first, more than the sum of the market value of the last 18 auto companies! Specifically, Tesla’s market value is $902.12 billion, down 19% from March, but even so, it’s still a proper “giant”! Toyota ranked second, with a market value of $237.13 billion, less than 1/3 of Tesla’s, a decrease of 4.61% from March.


       Volkswagen ranked third with a market value of $99.23 billion, down 10.77% from March and 1/9 the size of Tesla. Mercedes-Benz and Ford are both century-old car companies, with market capitalizations of $75.72 billion and $56.91 billion, respectively, in April. General Motors, also from the United States, followed closely with a market value of $55.27 billion in April, while BMW ranked seventh with a market value of $54.17 billion. The 80 and 90 are Honda ($45.23 billion), STELLANTIS ($41.89 billion) and Ferrari ($38.42 billion).

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       As for the next ranked nine auto companies, I will not list them all here, but it should be pointed out that in April, most of the international car market values ​​showed a downward trend . Only Kia, Volvo and Tata Motors from India recorded positive growth. Kia has grown more, reaching 8.96%, which is also a peculiar scene. It has to be said that although Tesla was established relatively late, it came to the fore and became the protagonist in the international auto market by itself. It is no wonder that many traditional car companies are now vigorously developing new energy.

Post time: May-09-2022