VOYAH Motors will enter the Russian market

VOYAH FREE will be launched in the Russian market for sale. It is reported that the car will be sold to the Russian market in the form of imports, and the local price of the four-wheel drive version is 7.99 million rubles (about 969,900 yuan).

According to foreign media, the pure electric version of VOYAH FREE will be introduced to Russia this time. The basic version is equipped with an AC asynchronous motor with a maximum power of 255 kW and a peak torque of 520 N m on the rear axle. For the four-wheel drive version, an AC asynchronous motor of the same specification is added to the front axle position on the basis of the two-wheel drive version, so that the car has a comprehensive output power of 510 kilowatts and a comprehensive torque of 1040 Nm. Both cars will be matched with a battery pack with a capacity of 88 kWh, and the NEDC combined cruising range will be 505 kilometers and 475 kilometers, respectively.

Post time: Oct-04-2022