8 inch hub motor scooter motor scooter motor assembly car motor accessories 24V36v48V350W

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Custom processing: no
product type: Brushless DC Motor
Rated power: 0.35(kW)
Rated voltage: 24V36V48V(V)
Main scope of application: Little Electric Vehicle
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Solid tires.

Rated voltage 24V 36V-48V

Rated power 350w

Mounting Type: Brushless and Teethless

Overall shaft length: 159

Applicable models: 8-inch scooter Binglan Shengte small dolphin, 200*50 tire car and other modifications

Motor open gear Rear drive: drum brake disc brake 107MM

Motor with tire diameter: 20 cm

Motor width: 50-60MM

The weight of the motor is more than 3 kg

Top speed 20-28 km/h

Motor features: light weight 3 ㎏ /set,.


Applicable models: Model 8-inch scooter. Rated voltage 24V36v, 48v rated power 250-350w,


Motor standard configuration: 107㎜ axial opening , 159㎜ shaft length (40CR quenched and tempered HRC24-28), shaft side lead wire (3*1.2+5*0.2, 180℃ temperature resistance), imported Honeywell SS443F Er (temperature resistance 180℃), DW105 iron core, 35SH tile magnet, sub-black paint  


The picture above is the hub brake model, and the following is the disc brake model. .

The disc brake shaft is relatively short, 1-2 cm on both sides of the shaft, and there are no screws provided on both sides, and the screws are screwed into the shaft to fix it! The hub brake is easier to install, if you have any questions, you can contact customer service. Other accessories are basically there.


Buyers who need a fork-mounted motor, due to the length of the motor shaft, our shop only has a motor suitable for 36V, and the front fork suitable for other voltage motors is temporarily unavailable.

A full set of modified accessories is also available, one set starts. You need to make sure that you can install it yourself, and you have enough hands-on ability. Not everyone can do it with materials. A full set of spare parts is more troublesome to think about, and it will not be returned after sales. The quality problem is guaranteed for half a year~

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