Chemical pump motor XD56 series

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Category: Vertical long shaft motor/chemical pump motor

Product number: XD5612B XD5622BXD5632B

Vertical long-axis motor/chemical pump motor is a vertical long-axis motor professionally used in chemical pumps and water pumps, with a power of 180W-2200W, IP54, high anti-corrosion coating, various material spindles, and can be used in various strong acid and strong work in an alkaline environment. It is mainly used in the field of chemical environmental protection.

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Model: XD56-B series
Name: Vertical long axis motor, 5 6 base size motor
Application: Chemical environmental protection, industrial equipment, pumps, electric actuators, etc.

Chemical pump motor XD56 series2

Inspection points of vertical long shaft pump motor

Eight points of inspection of vertical long shaft pump motor:
1. Check whether the gap between the stator and the rotor of the vertical long-axis pump motor is the same in each direction, and whether there are debris in the gap, To prevent jamming or short circuit of the motor.
2. Check whether there is any sundries, especially metal conductive objects, in the wire groove of the vertical long-axis pump motor to prevent the motor from short-circuiting.
3. Check whether the nut of the rotating part is tightened. To prevent loosening due to vibration during operation, resulting in accidents.
4. Check the manual and automatic flexibility and reliability of the braking system, and whether the reset meets the requirements.
5. Check whether the upper and lower fan angles of the rotor of the vertical long-shaft pump motor meet the requirements to ensure the maximum cooling air volume for the motor.
6. Check whether the lubricating oil quality and oil level of the thrust bearing and guide bearing meet the requirements.
7. Pass the cooling water to check whether the tightness of the cooler meets the requirements and the correctness of the current display signal.
8. Check whether the bearing and motor stator thermometers meet the design requirements.

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