Roller shutter motor XD-1500B

Short Description:

1. Working voltage: AC380V

2. Input power: 1250W

3. Rated current: 1.75A

4. Rated speed: 5r/min

5. Rated output torque: 1003N m

6. Working system: S2

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Roller shutter motor XD-1500B1

Wind Resistant Shutter Door Motor XD-1500B

Roller shutter motor XD-1500B

Wind Resistant Shutter Door Motor XD-1500B Side Plate Accessories

Roller shutter motor XD-1500B2

6 pole copper core motor
100% copper wire: double-layer winding process, sufficient material and more stable current.
WISCO 600 silicon steel sheet: longer life of high-speed stamping.

Roller shutter motor XD-1500B4

AC contactor
Long life: up to 200,000 times of normal use.
High protection level: low sound when energized and closed.
Low working power consumption of the coil: the pull-in voltage range is large, up to 0.7-1.2Us (the standard for ordinary contactors is 0.85-1.1Us), and the instantaneous coil pull-in voltage can be as low as 130V.
Vibration-resistant and flame-retardant: eliminates interference in the circuit, the contacts have overload capability, can disconnect and connect large currents, and can prevent thunderstorm disasters.

Roller shutter motor XD-1500B3

Dual limit switches
Worm and worm gear drive: The worm and worm gear drive mode is adopted, the rotation is stable, firm and reliable.
All silver contacts: spring pressure shrapnel, good contact, bearable and durable, can pass large current.
Coarse adjustment + fine adjustment: limit adjustment, divided into coarse adjustment and fine adjustment, accurate to within 5mm , no fault movement.
Patented design: double limit control, anti-collision.

Scope of application

Suitable for rolling shutter doors in shops, factories, villas, garage doors, etc.







Installation and use

1. To ensure safety, please ground wire.
2. Lifting weight: refer to the "Motor Lifting Calculation Formula", note that this weight does not include "safety factor", it is recommended to select a motor according to 70% of this weight.
3. The default setting of the rolling door machine is "right installation" (that is, the right-hand direction when a person is standing inside the door and his face is facing the outside of the door). To connect the bolts, rotate the middle shell 180 degrees and put it back.
② Loosen the screws of the push switch and rotate the panel 180 degrees to install it.
③ Replace the torsion spring on the left side of the anti-break device, and adjust the roller to keep it pushed upwards.
4. When using the button switch to change the running direction of the rolling shutter, please press the stop button first.
5. The motor is suitable for short-time working system, and the continuous working time cannot exceed 8 minutes.
6. Warm reminder: When the door is running, pedestrians and vehicles are strictly prohibited.

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