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Package weight: 35.0 kg  
Unit weight: 35.0 kg  
Product volume size: 41.0 cm * 30.0 cm * 30.0 cm

This motor is a matching motor for forklift manufacturers, three-phase AC asynchronous motor, a set of two types, 5kw and 6.5kw, suitable for 1.5t 2t electric forklift, used for lifting and walking, if necessary, you can buy a complete set.

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Origin Zibo City, China Insulation H Protection Level IP56
Customize acceptable Efficiency Ie 3 Brand Xinda Motor
Motor Type Three-phase asynchronous motor Model No. XQY5-72-H9-B Rated Power 5(kW)
Rated Vol. 48/60V/72V(V) Rated Speed 3000(rpm) Application passenger cars, trucks, vans, forklifts

Product Parameter

Warranty 3months-1year
Place of Origin Shandong, China
Brand Name Xinda Motor
Model Number XQY5-72-H9-B
Type Asynchronous Motor
Phase Three-phase
Protect Feature Drip-proof
AC Voltage 72V
Efficiency  Ie 3
rated power 5KW
Peak power 12.5KW
Rated voltage 72V
Rated torque (N.m) 15.9
Rated speed 3000r/min
Peak speed 6000r/min
Working system S2:60
Insulation class H
Protection level IP56
Supply Ability 40000 Set/Sets per Month
Packaging Details Carton or wooden case
Port Qingdao or as required

The advantages of our company's AC motor

1. Balanced and reliable. It is connected with the vehicle drive axle of the involute spline shaft to provide a reliable safety guarantee for the vehicle.
2. Climbing ability. High starting torque, larger speed tunable range and higher peak speed, higher overload capacity, which will provide electric vehicles with high power to meet the needs of climbing.
3. Long drive range on a single charge. Higher motor efficiency, providing effectiveness.
4. Anti-skid prevention ability. When the Golf is on a slope, the AC motor keeps it from slipping.
5. The ability to adapt to different road conditions, enabling regenerative braking.
6. Durable and easy to maintain.

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5kw motor9
5kw motor10
5kw motor11
5kw motor12

 Applicable vehicle: Forklift

DPD ACAM(AC ASYNCHRONOUS) Motor Series Specification Sheet
Rated Power (KW) 3 4 5 6 7.5 10 13 15 15 20 25 30
Battery Voltage (VDC) 48/60/72 48/60/72 48/60/72 72 72/96 72/96 72/96 108 96/144 96/144 312 96/144
Peak Power (KW) 7.5 10 12.5 15 18.7 25 32.5 31 28 40 45 60
Rated Current (A) 78/59/52 98/78/65 123/98/82 98 118/89 154/116 200/150 154 174/116 231/154 92 347/231
Rated Torque (N.M) 19/19.5 25.5/12.74 31.8/26.5/15.9 15.9 23.9 53 41.4 65.1 47.8/39.8 63.7 57.4 95.5
Peak Torque (N.M) 66.5/38 89.3/51 95.4/78.5/71.5 63.7 95.2 159 144.9 106.3 130/150 223 160 334.2
Rated Speed (RPM) 1500/3000 1500/3000 1500/1800/3000 3600 3000 1800 3000 2200 3000/3600 3000 4160 3000
Peak Speed (RPM) 4500/6000 4500/6000 4500/6000 6000 5400 6000 7500 6000 6800 6000
Working System S2:60min S2:60min S2:60min S2:60min S2:60min S2:60min S2:60min S9 S9 S9 S9 S9
Insulation Level H H H H H H H H H H H H
Cooling Method natural cooling natural cooling natural cooling natural cooling natural cooling natural cooling natural cooling natural cooling natural cooling natural cooling natural cooling water cooling
Efficiency (100% LOAD) 85 85 85 85 88 90 90 90 90 90 90 90
Protection Level IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP67 IP68 IP69 IP70 IP71 IP72
Application low-speed passenger/logistic vehicle high-speed passenger/logistic/SUV minibus
logistic vehicle

Real copper core is the key for reliability


Instructions for use

1. The user must follow the requirements of this instruction.
2. The  motor should be stored in a ventilated, dry and clean environment. If the storage time is too long (six months) , it is necessary to check whether the bearing grease is dry. The normal insulation resistance value of the test winding should not be less than 5MΩ , otherwise it must be dried in an oven at 80 ± 10 ℃ .
3. For the bearingless motor at the shaft extension end, it should be adjusted after installation to check whether the rotor is flexible and there is no rubbing phenomenon.
4. Check whether the motor connection cable is correct and reliable.
5. Check whether the surface of the commutator is oily, and the brushes should slide freely in the brush box.
6.  The series motor should not be powered on and run under no-load. If the user must run at no-load, the voltage should be controlled within 15% of the rated voltage.
7. There should be no corrosive gas in the cooling air.

Use environment

1.  The altitude does not exceed 1200 meters.
2. The  ambient temperature is between -25 ℃ and 40 ℃ .
3.  When the relative humidity reaches 100% , condensation will form on the surface of the motor.
4.  The motor is divided into fully enclosed type and open type. The fully enclosed can prevent the entry of foreign matter, dust and water, and the open type can be more convenient to maintain the commutator and replace the brush.
5.  The maximum allowable current of the motor for short-time overload is 3 times the rated value. At this time, the overload torque is 4.5 times the rated torque, and the time should not exceed 1 minute.

Applicable in wide range

Xinda motor products are widely used in building automation, security monitoring, laser equipment, textile equipment, machine tool equipment, medical equipment, logistics automation and new energy and other fields.

Applicable vehicles

Applicable vehicles5
Applicable vehicles
Applicable vehicles6
Applicable vehicles2
Applicable vehicles4
Applicable vehicles1

Xinda Motor is suitable for various types of vehicles: sightseeing cars, buses, police cars, four-wheeled cars, golf carts, three-wheeled motorcycles, forklifts, and environmental patrol cars.

Common faults and solutions of motors

(a) The motor cannot be started
1. The power supply phase is missing or the power supply voltage is too low. Solution: Check whether there is any disconnection in the stator winding, and then check the power supply voltage.
2. Broken or desoldered rotor. The motor can be started with no load, but cannot be started with a negative load. Solution: Check the rotor for defects such as broken bars or cracks with a broken rotor bar tester.
3. The motor is overloaded or the transmission is stuck. Solution: Choose a motor with a larger capacity to eliminate the failure of the mechanical rotating mechanism.

(b) The three-phase current of the motor is unbalanced
1. The three-phase power supply voltage is unbalanced. Solution: Measure the supply voltage with a voltmeter.
2. Some coils in the stator winding are short-circuited. Solution: Measure the three-phase current with an ammeter or disassemble the motor to check the overheated coil manually.

(c) Overheating of motor bearings
1.  The bearing is damaged. Solution: Replace the bearings with new ones.
2. The bearing is too tight or too loose with the shaft or end cover. Solution: Repair the shaft or end cap to fit the shaft to the bearing.
3. Too much grease, too little or too dirty, there are sand and dust foreign objects. Solution: Clean the bearings and fill with clean grease.
4. The motor installation is not concentric. Solution: Adjust the coaxial condition of the motor installation.

Packaging Details

Regular motors use carton packaging, and high power motors use wooden box packaging


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